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Silver Bullion

Jack Hunt is Authorized Distributor of silver bullion for both the US and Royal Canadian Mints.

Silver Bullion

Jack Hunt Coin Broker wholesales silver coins and bars from the US Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, Mason Mint and others. A listing of our silver bullion products follows below.

Jack Hunt Silver Bullion customers can expect:

Free Shipping – All 500+ ounce silver coin orders ship FREE!
Fast, Professional Service – Order by 4pm and it’s out the door (for qualified customers)
Low Order Minimum – 100 oz.

We Provide the Ultimate in Service Through:

Fast Shipments

Order by 4:00
and it’s out the door.

Low Minimum Orders

1 oz. Gold or 100 oz. Silver

Bullion Offsets

Trade Scrap for Bullion.

Professional Packaging & Shipping

No-worry Shipments

Offering COCs

Get paid fast!
(for qualified customers)

Promises Kept

We don't make promises we can’t deliver on.