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Scrap Precious Metals

Jack Hunt Coin Broker's scrap services include melt, assay, outright purchase, bullion offsets, trading and more!

Note: The following information is intended for Professional Scrap Dealers only. Information for our retail customers can be found at www.jackhuntgoldsilver.com

Melt & Assay

  • Gold Scrap Lots
  • Silver Scrap Lots (including mixed lots of silver-bearing scrap and coins.
  • NO Assay or Treatment Fees on most shipments

Outright Purchase

  • Karat Gold Scrap
  • Platinum Jewelry & Industrial Scrap
  • .999 & Sterling Silver Scrap
  • Use our Scrap Calculators for pricing information

Additional Services

  • Bullion Offsets
  • Diamond Recovery

Do you ever question your refiners scrap settlements?

Jack Hunt provides its customers the utmost confidence in settlements by:

FAST & FREE Electronic Payments

Using Government Certified Scales

Paying for Exact Lot Weight (Even if in the customer’s favor)

Processing Lots Under Video Surveillance

Explaining Returns In Detail


We Provide the Ultimate in Service Through:

Fast Shipments

Order by 4:00
and it’s out the door.

Low Minimum Orders

1 oz. Gold or 100 oz. Silver

Bullion Offsets

Trade Scrap for Bullion.

Professional Packaging & Shipping

No-worry Shipments

Offering COCs

Get paid fast!
(for qualified customers)

Promises Kept

We don't make promises we can’t deliver on.