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Jack Hunt Coin Broker is your trusted refiner and supplier for bullion and scrap precious metals.

Our business is GOLD and Silver.

Selling Bullion and Refining Scrap.

When dealers ask what are the one or two things they would change about their current refiner or supplier, the response most often involves questions of transparency, accountability, efficiency, reliability or expertise. Jack Hunt Coin Broker can answer the questions of most dealers. Give us a call at (800)877-7424 to learn how Jack Hunt Coin Broker can be a positive addition to your precious metals business.

Our Primary Services:

Scrap Precious Metals – Gold, Silver & Platinum

  • Melt & Assay
  • Outright Purchase

Bullion – Wholesale of gold and silver bullion from producers including:

  • US Mint
  • Royal Canadian Mint
  • Mason Mint

Jack Hunt Coin Broker is an Authorized Purchaser of US Mint Gold, Silver & Platinum Bullion.

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Certified Coin Exchange – 48 Years | CoinNet – 34 Years
Polygon – 26 Years (Lifetime Member) | ICTA – 33 Years


50 Years in the business Makes the Difference.
Ask our customers, we’ll treat you right.

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