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Scrap Dealers: Determine the value of your scrap gold, sterling or platinum.

Scrap Calculator


Note: Our calculators are intended for use by Professional Scrap Dealers only.

How to Use the JHCB Online Scrap Calculator

Use our Scrap Calculator to determine the value of your scrap gold, sterling or platinum lot. Simply input the following below:

Note: You can set your profit margins under ?Options.?

scrap_step_01The current spot price.
scrap_step_02Set weight: Pennyweights (Dwts) or Grams.
scrap_step_03Enter weight for each category.
scrap_step_04Select the ‘Calculate’ button at the bottom to get the total.

Due to the constant changes in the Spot Price, the Scrap Calculator provides market indications of what your karat scrap lot is worth and is not a confirmation of Jack Hunt Coin Broker’s scrap purchase price.

Please call for purchase price: (800)877-7424.


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See above for approximate spot price.

Formulas automatically adjust to unit of weight selected.

Amount Price / GramSub Total Margin

X (Spot X 0.028)=$0.00

X (Spot X 0.027)=$0.00

Total: $0.00

Manage User Margins

Determine your margins on scrap calculations. Enter your desired margin factor as either a percentage of sale, cash per dwt, or cash per gram basis below. Click "Save Margins" for them to take effect.

% of Sale
% of Sale
% of Sale

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