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New Design For 2021 Silver & Gold Eagles

- July 08, 2020 -

The United States Mint recently announced there will be new reverse designs for the popular Silver and Gold Eagle bullion coins in 2021.

In 2021 both Silver and Gold Eagles will be celebrating their 35th anniversary which is one of the two oft stated reasons for the design change. The second and more likely reason for the design change is to deter the frequent counterfeiting of these coins.

The current Silver Eagle reverse and Gold Eagle

The current Silver Eagle reverse features a heraldic eagle and the Gold Eagle reverse features a nesting eagle. Their reverse designs are essentially the same as the original 1986 issues. Although the specific changes have not been released as of this writing the new design will by law include an Eagle. The revised bullion coins will also have multiple security details to combat counterfeiting. In recent years both Silver and Gold Eagles have been increasingly reproduced illegally, often made of cheap base metals and frequently originating in China. Although easy to detect by experts, these fakes have been widely distributed worldwide to the masses primarily using online selling sites. The U.S. Mint hopes to curb or eliminate this practice with anti-counterfeiting measures.

New Canadian Designs

So, what anti-counterfeiting measures will the U.S. Mint take? Some of the new security revisions will understandably remain secret. The design change is an obvious measure but it’s likely the U.S. Mint will borrow technology from our northern neighbors at the Royal Canadian Mint. The Royal Canadian Mint uses a difficult to detect process known as micro engraving on its popular Silver and Gold Maple Leaf bullion coins. The Royal Canadian Mint also uses highly polished and textured dies making their bullion coins more difficult to replicate. It is probable that these and other unpublicized measures will be incorporated into most higher value U.S. Mint issues in 2021 or soon thereafter, beginning with the highly popular and liquid Silver and Gold Eagle bullion issues.

Jack Hunt Coin Brokers will be amongst the first in the world to offer these new varieties to both collectors and investors alike. Jack Hunt Coin Broker is one of only a few U.S. Mint Authorized Purchasers of Silver and Gold Eagles in the world. For you the consumer, that means any Eagles purchased from Jack Hunt’s came directly from the U.S. Mint…leaving no question as to their authenticity. Please contact us by early January 2021 for specific pricing and availability information.

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