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Jack Hunt Coin Broker, Inc. (JHCB) offers insured shipping of gold, silver, platinum and palladium provided that the customer abides by the following terms and conditions:

Please read carefully!

  1. There is a charge of $35 per box to use a JHCB account to ship goods purchased by JHCB using prepaid UPS labels.
  2. Packages over 25 lbs. and/or shipments of silver exceeding 200 t/oz must go Ground service. Please call us for a UPS Ground label.
  3. If shipping via UPS Overnight, JHCB insurance will cover the maximum actual value of the package not to exceed $150,000.00 per box. UPS Ground coverage is not to exceed $75,000.00 per box. No additional insurance coverage is required
  4. JHCB will supply all packaging material to the customer. Customers should use that material for packaging.
  5. Packages must be shipped “box within a box,” with no mention of the nature of the business (such as mentioning gold, silver, coins, etc. on the address or return address).
  6. The shipped goods must be sold to JHCB prior to shipping or an invoice with approximate value must be emailed to gold@jackhunt.com. JHCB will only insure for the Purchase Order value of the goods that were sold/invoiced to us.
  7. Customer must include a detailed packing slip, either their own or one provided by Jack Hunt. Failure to include a detailed packing slip may result in delayed processing. Any items submitted to Jack Hunt for testing must be included on the packing slip, clearly labeled, and with detailed instructions.
  8. Insurance of your shipment is initiated upon successful receipt scan by UPS. DO NOT USE DROP BOXES.
  9. JHCB reserves the right to discontinue this program, either individually or collectively, at any time.
  10. All other conditions and terms of sale remain the same.
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